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Hi, I'm Kate & I'm so glad you're here!  I’m a food and wine lover, workout junkie, and travel addict who grew up in New Jersey and is now based in Dallas, TX.  What truly sparked my love for travel was a trip to Ireland where my now husband proposed!  Fast forward 8 years, and I have personally planned all of our trips to over 35 countries and across 6 continents, with a focus on luxury, adventure, and ease of travel.  Needless to say, I decided to transform my wanderlust into a business, so I can help others create memories that last a lifetime.

Travel advisor
Baraza Resort & Spa Zanzibar

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Please visit the contact page to begin your travel interest questionnaire or reach out below with any questions.  I can't wait to meet you!

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Fun Fact

I'm an advanced open water scuba diver!

Favorite Country Visited

South Africa
Country With the Best Food

Peru (Central restaurant is a must!)

Favorite Resorts

Lizard Island Resort (Australia) & Angama Mara (Kenya)
Favorite US Destination

Napa or the Florida Keys for relaxation.

Colorado for hiking and adventure.
Favorite Beach/Honeymoon Destination

Favorite European Country

Italy, you just can't beat a bottle of wine in a piazza!
Best for Group Travel

Munich for Oktoberfest!
Last International Trip

Dreaming about next

Patagonia & Easter Island

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